Hair loss related to weight loss

Hair Loss Related to Weight Loss: Things You Can Do

Hair is a complicated structure of human body. Hair follicles are strong and can stand many adverse conditions, but they can be sensitive to some lifestyle and behavioral changes. Weight loss is one of those changes that can influence your hair health. Weight loss is not the only reason for hair loss; there are many including factors such as heredity, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, thyroid diseases, physical or emotional stress, etc. Sometimes dieting is very exhausting and stressful and can cause nutritional deficiencies in your body which can result in hair loss. Also, more than one factors together can cause your hair thinning.

Hair loss in Navi Mumbai

 When you start losing hair when losing weight, it is usually associated with a hair condition known as telogen effluvium. According to some researchers, under ordinary conditions, hair grows about  ½ inch per month for around 2 years then goes into a resting phase which is known as telogen. When this resting phase ends, the old hairs fall to create space for new hairs. All of your hair is in different stages of the hair cycle and nearly 10 percent of the hair stays in the resting phase at any given time. And when you start dieting and go through physical and emotional stress which can cause more than usual (10% of your hair) hair to go into resting phase, which is known as Telogen effluvium. In this condition, when more hair goes into resting phase more hair will fall for making room for new hair, new hair won’t grow as fast as old hair falls, which can cause overall hair thinning. If the condition becomes more serious, it might affect eyebrow and body hair too.

Hair loss from losing weight is usually temporary and your hair will return to the normal cycle after some time. You can take some preventive steps to help your hair growth cycle go back to standard. You can undergo hair loss treatment in Navi Mumbai.

Things you can do to Avoid Hair Loss

    Most people restrict their calorie intake to lose weight, but your hair also needs calories for proper growth, just like your body. Before starting a diet, you should understand calorie limits of your body to have a sense of how much you should be taking which is enough for your body. Don’t restrict too many calories, it will leave your body with very less energy to support all the body functions including hair growth.
    Entire hair structure is mainly made up of protein, which is luckily also one of the most consumed nutrients in daily life. Consume foods like beans, red meat, and seafood to increase your protein intake. Calculate the amount of protein you need daily and eat accordingly.
    Vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and zinc also induce hair growth. Include fruits, whole grains, and vegetables into your diet. The prescribed dietary intake of vitamin A is 900 mg for men and 700 to 1,300 mg for women and more if they are lactating or pregnant.
    Also experiencing some hair thinning after weight loss is very common and temporary, so just relax and understand the process that your hair follicles aren’t destroyed, they’re only adapting to the new changes.
    Watch your diet and nutritional intake and feed your body according to its nutrient needs. You may take multivitamin pills and other supplements to meet your nutrients need while dieting.
    Chances of hair loss due to weight loss is even more when you have gone through a surgery for it. Weight loss surgeries make drastic changes in your body which can cause bodily stress. Again, this physical changes will make more hair follicles to go into a resting phase and causing more hair fall. Your hormones are very sensitive and sometimes take time to catch up with such a drastic change in your body composition. Also, this hair loss can be increased if there are nutrient and vitamin deficiency in your diet and eventually in your body after the surgery. This is also a temporary condition and your hair will go back to the normal situation after some months.

Also, keep in mind that Telogen effluvium is not only caused by weight loss due to dieting or surgery but can be caused by other causes of hormonal imbalance too. If you have hair fall issues, get a hair specialist in Navi Mumbai and get treated.